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Make the Safe Choice For You and Your Family

Midori will search the internet and find alternatives with a higher MidoriScore so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying.

The MidoriScore rates products based on publicly available health impact data. The score is calculated by aggregating the number of high risk, moderate risk and limited risk ingredients so you can easily compare your favorite products!

How It Works

Step 1:

Install in one click

Install the Midori extension in one click on your Chrome browser.

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Step 2:

Shop like normal on Amazon and Sephora

When you select a personal care product, Midori's extension automatically detects and flags unwanted chemicals and gives the product a score out of 100.

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Step 3:

Discover better alternatives

The Midori shopping assistant will search the Internet and provide you with recommendations with a higher MidoriScore.

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This Is Banned?

The math is easy. There is a huge gap between the amount of chemicals other countries have found to have concerning effects and those the U.S. has yet to ban or restrict.

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Scientifically proven and independent data sources

At Midori, we’re working to fill that void by creating a Database Charter so we can protect consumers by providing more transparency.

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