Simple tips for making better cosmetic purchasing decisions!

When choosing food at the supermarket, we often read the ingredients to check their nutritional value and verify that the product doesn't contain something we are allergic to.

So why don't we do the same with our skincare products?
Have you ever stopped to think and ask yourself: what drives you to choose one skincare product over another? Perhaps it's your favorite brand name, a great fragrance, or a reasonable price. But, let's try looking at things a little differently. 

I get it! It's challenging to read skincare ingredients as most of them have names that are tricky to pronounce, let alone understand. Perhaps a degree in Latin could help us decipher things a little easier? But that seems like a lot to ask to be able to read a skincare label!

So with all the effort that's required to understand a skincare label, you may wonder, why are we doing this again? Take a look at the reasons below.

Why We Should Read the Ingredients First

We should all be reading the ingredients before choosing our skincare products. Why's that? Here are three reasons:

1. To check that you are not sensitive to or
allergic to any of the ingredientsJust as you wouldn't buy dairy ice cream if you are lactose intolerant, you need to check your skincare ingredients to ensure that all of them agree with you. 

2. To verify how effective the cosmetic product is. The label will tell you what quantity of the best ingredients are included in the cosmetic especially if it contains active ingredients with corresponding concentration percentages.

3. To look for cheaper alternatives. You may find a more affordable brand on the market that sells what you are looking for. I can already hear your purse strings sighing with relief!

Your Body's Reaction

By reading the ingredients of your skincare products, you can check that you are not buying something that you are allergic to. Some ingredients are known to trigger allergies for those who have more sensitive skin. Here are just three of them.

1. Aluminum compounds
These are included in high doses in powerful antiperspirants. If your armpits are feeling sensitive, you should consider buying a deodorant with lower levels of aluminum compounds. 

Acids So we don’t have to use Hyalyronic acid?
High concentrations of acids are found in exfoliants and toners for oily and troubled skin. Too high a concentration, however, may leave your skin feeling irritated. 

Cosmetics that contain fragrances or "parfum" cause sensitivity on the skin of 20% of Americans. Although your fragrant skincare may smell like an ocean breeze, it may not have such a calming effect on sensitive skin. To get away from these, opt for cosmetics that say "fragrance-free" or "without perfume."

Written by Elsa Li