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The Story of Purevive: A Rosacea-Friendly Brand of Personal and Skin Care Products


Maria Paula grew up in Colombia where she studied Chemical Engineering at Universidad de América in Bogota, Colombia. After working in the cosmetic industry for a few years, Maria Paula realized that options were limited for those that suffer from sensitive skin conditions like Rosacea. She decided to move to the UK to continue her studies in entrepreneurship and has since launched her skincare brand called Purevive.

We sat down with Maria Paula, founder of Purevive, in an exclusive one-on-one interview to discuss her skincare journey, the birth of Purevive, and the organic skincare industry.

Midori (ME): Tell us about yourself!
Maria Paula (MP): Hi, I’m Maria Paula. I am from Colombia and now I live in the lovely northwest of England in Liverpool!

ME: What is your educational/professional background?
MP: I’m a chemical engineer with practical knowledge in different industries - mostly in the cosmetics industry

ME: How would you describe yourself?
MP: I would describe myself as founder and CEO of Purevive, with the goal of trying to mix well-being and self care.

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ME: Did you have any skincare conditions growing up? If so, could you elaborate,
MP: Yes, I have rosacea, which can be mistake as acne or other skin conditions. In my teens, I started to develop it and it took me one year to realize I had it.

ME: Why did you decide to create your own cosmetic brand?
MP: As soon as I finished high school I absolutely knew I wanted to create my own cosmetic brand, but first I needed to get experience and knowledge in the industry. After high school, I went to university and upon graduating I worked in a cosmetic company. It was there that I created my first product customized for my skin issues. I wanted a gentle product for my skin that was also ethically and responsibly made.

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ME: What is the main problem/issue with skincare products found on the market today?
MP: I can think of a number of problems, but the first one is too much plastic. This is one of the largest industries with the highest consumption of plastic. The second issue is that skincare nowadays tends to be harsh - not gentle with our skin. Yes, some synthetic products are quick and effective, but these products have very harmful substances that may have damaging effects on our skin in the long run.

ME: Why do you think large cosmetic manufacturers are not focusing on products catered to those with rosacea or other skin conditions? 
MP: I think they are confused on conditions that are more common. Rosacea is more niche - however, the awareness surrounding rosacea has increased thanks to social media like TikTok.

ME: So back to Purevive - where do you source your chemicals? What is it like to run a cosmetic lab from your apartment?
MP: I love my kitchen lab! At the moment I’m doing smaller batches, so my kitchen is kind of perfect. I source all ingredients from 3 companies in the UK, all of which are certified organic by the soil association.

ME: What are your top 3 ingredients and why did you decide to use these ingredients?
MP: I use Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil and Lavender Oil. Jojoba Oil balances the level of oil in the skin so that your pores aren’t blocked. It’s amazing for dry skin (one of the symptoms of rosacea). Rosehip Oil contains Vitamin A (retinoid acid), which boosts the resilience of sensitive skin. Lavender Oil is a calming oil and in the right quantity can help combat stress. I like to add it in in the right proportion to my products because I believe that a successful skincare routine comes from feeling well inside.

ME: What makes your ingredients gentle/beneficial for those suffering from rosacea?
MP: I’ve done a ton of research on my ingredients to find the perfect formula that helped me with my rosacea without burning my skin. These ingredients are so gentle that you could use it on a baby’s skin. I chose them because the research shows they can improve rosacea. And they’re 100% natural. I’ve been using it for almost two years to treat my rosacea.

ME: What's the main advice you would give to someone who struggles with sensitive skin issues?
MP: My main advice to someone who is struggling with sensitive skin is to use sunscreen everyday even when you’re at home. I would also suggest reading the ingredient labels for all your skincare and lastly I would definitely recommend people to give natural skincare a chance!

Thanks to Maria Paula’s collaboration through her research and knowledge, the Midori Extension now flags common ingredients that are known to cause flare ups for those with Rosacea, Eczema or other types of sensitive skin conditions. These ingredients will be flagged when you select the Allergen and Irritant filters on the extension!


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