/ Delia Skin Care: One-on-One with the Founder Connie Strazzeri

Delia Skin Care: One-on-One with the Founder Connie Strazzeri

We sat down with Connie to discover what makes Delia Skin Care unique. Connie is a passionate business owner that always puts customers first and it is for that reason that we made Midori available on Delia Skin Care!  

Delia Skin Care offers luxurious and effective skincare products ataffordable prices. Their formulas are all-natural, cruelty-free, and vegan. Allproducts are handmade in small batches, ensuring quality and freshness.

Midori: Hi Connie, please introduce yourself!

My name is Connie Strazzeri. My family is Italian and Delia is actually the name of my father's hometown in Sicily. I was born and raised in Toronto. I would consider myself an entrepreneur and the Founder of DeliaSkin Care.

Midori: Talk us through your skincare journey

As a teenager, I struggled with problematic skin. I tried everything from luxury brand products to professional treatments to dermatologists but nothing seemed to work. Most of the time, my skin would actually become worse from all the harsh chemicals I was putting on it and all of the different things I was trying. Being a teenager, I didn't have much money so being consistent with facials and prescriptions also became unaffordable.

Midori: That must have been frustrating…

I was disappointed because it felt so unfair that these potential "solutions" to my skin problems were unattainable and far too expensive for me. Majority of drugstore products were far too harsh and irritated my skin, leaving those brands out as options. I started wondering what I could do with natural products because I thought if I could eat them, how bad can they be for my skin? I would DIY my own face masks and oils and to my pleasant surprise, they worked! My skin was ever irritated and the ingredients were super affordable. I thought to myself, "I can't be the only person with this issue…" and decided I wanted to make effective, gentle and affordable products easily accessible to everyone. That is how Delia Skin Care was born.

Midori: Why do you think large brands lack options for those with sensitive skin?

I think large cosmetic manufacturers focus mainly on hyper pigmentation, acne and wrinkles because these are the most common skin concerns people have.Rosacea and other skin conditions become overlooked because they are not common enough to reach mass volumes. Looking back on my skin journey, I wish I knew that an expensive price does not equal a better product, using 10 products a day does not mean better/faster results and natural ingredients can deliver results beyond your expectations.

Midori: Tell us about the ingredients you use in your products!

Most of Delia Skin Care's ingredients are sourced from all over Canada, as we love supporting Canadian businesses. All of our ingredients are ethically sourced regardless of where they come from. As of today, there have not been any issues running my own lab. I keep track of my small inventory and order ingredients often to keep everything fresh. My top 3ingredients are rose water, rosehip oil and aloe vera. Rosewater is an extremely popular ingredient and people tend to get very excited about it as it is calming, reduces redness, contains antioxidants and has healing properties. Rosehip oil is another ingredient people tend to be attracted to. It’s hydrating, exfoliates and brightens the skin, it helps boost collagen production, helps protect against sun damage and so much more.Finally, who doesn't love aloe vera? It is extremely hydrating, great for sensitive skin and is rich in antioxidants. It protects against sun damage and has healing properties.

Midori: How did you come up with your different products?

I wanted to ensure I had a product for each skin type so no one feels left out. 4/6 of Delia's products are for all skin types and this does NOT make them any less effective. These 4 products are face mist, toner, cleansing oil and serum - all of which contain calming and soothing ingredients for sensitive skin. They include ingredients such as rosewater, rose hip oil, vitamin E, aloe vera, cucumber extract and jojoba oil which are all wonderful for sensitive skin. 

Midori: What are your thoughts on marketing claims and how they are used by brands nowadays?

I find it crazy how companies are legally able to claim their products under certain categories such as "clean" and"natural" based on small technicalities. I wish there were stronger guidelines and regulations around this issue so that consumers can be positive that when a product claims it is natural, that it is actually natural. Consumers should not have to do so much research and digging to find out what ingredients are in their skincare and whether or not they are safe. Transparency is KEY.

Midori: What are some tips you can give to someone who struggles finding products for their sensitive skin?

Having sensitive skin can be a struggle but there is always something out there that will work! Look for products with minimal ingredients and make sure those ingredients are soothing. Sometimes even when a product is natural, having too many ingredients can be an irritant. Also, not all ingredients that cannot be pronounced are necessarily bad. There is a scientific name for everything, which is what you'll read on an ingredient list. Always double check the everyday term for an ingredient you may not be able to read! I believe all brands should be more transparent about the ingredients they use. They may not all have to be natural but if they are safe there should be nothing to hide!  

Midori: How do you think a tool like Midori can help consumers?

I believe (being a consumer myself) that it is easier to trust a brand when they are open, honest and transparent about everything. The ingredients they use, how they make their products, and knowing who is behind the brand. When you know the person or people behind a brand, it makes it easier to judge what that brand stands for. I believe Midori is the PERFECT solution to simplify all of these points. It takes out the guessing game and research on the consumer's end and guides them to exactly what they are looking for. Consumers want clarity and brands with integrity which is what Midori easily delivers to them.