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As I was mindlessly scrolling through TikTok (as most people have been doing so during this pandemic), I came across an unboxing video of the Dyson Airwrap. Now, this is probably not a coincidence that it came up on my For You Page (FYP) as I had been eying the product for some time. But the thought of dropping $700 CAD on a blow-dryer/curling iron seemed excessive. Now enough of this“setting the scene” blather - it’s time to review the product!


The Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler is a hair curler, blow drier, hair smoother, and hair styler all in one (all withoutusing extreme heat)! It accomplishes this by including multiple attachments. The Complete version comes with the following attachments:

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It harnesses an aerodynamic phenomenon called the Coanda effect to curve air which in turn curlsyour hair without using extreme heat.


Firstly, the brown storage case it comes in is gorgeous andfeels luxurious! I love that it includes a non-slip mat that you can rest yourdyson on as it can get warm during use. Mine also included this beautiful velvet black travel bag, which Ihave already used and is super handy. However, it doesn’t fit all the attachments. I was able to fit the 1.6 inch barrels, soft smoothing brush and pre-styling dryer into it, which are the primary attachments I use.


So before we get into the review I think it’s important to note what kind of hair I have as I think that will really impact the efficacy of the product. As an asian female I have very straight, fine, LONG hair. While my hair is thin, I do have a lot of it, which makes styling it VERY time-consuming and cumbersome. I dyed my hair in a blonde balayage style recently so my hair is damaged and I noticed with curling ironsthe ends of my hair have become extremely brittle. In addition, I noticed the extreme heat of curling irons have caused my hair to fade in a more “yellowy”or “orangey” tint. Therefore one of the main reasons I wanted to buy the Airwrap was so that I could curl my hair without the damage caused by extreme heat.


The Dyson Airwrap is unlike any hair tool that I’ve ever used and has completely revolutionized my hair care routine. Iuse it after every wash (approx 3 - 4 times a week) and it has made blow-drying and styling my hair fun, fast, and easy. My normal routine is that I start off with the blow-dryer attachment, then the soft smoothing brush, followed by the 1.6 inch Airwrap barrels (sometimes I skip this last step when I want to leave my hair straight). I would say in total with curling it takes me approximately 20 - 30 minutes. Without the curling it’s probably between 10 - 15 minutes. Before the Dyson, I would have to fully blow dry my hair which would take 15 to20 minutes and normally I would curl my hair the next day, which is an additional 30 minutes. There is a bit of a learning curve on how to use this product so I highly suggest you watch the instruction video for each attachment. However, after about five minutes it felt like second-nature to use the product.

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After over two months of use, I find my hair feels much healthier and the color has faded less compared to when I would use curling irons regularly. Keep in mind I don’t add any styling products in my hair either and the Airwrap is still able to curl my hair without any extreme heat. The curls come out very beautifully with a soft bounce. I find sometimes I need to shake the curls or pull them apart as it can have a slight artificial look (but not in a bad way). The one thing I noticed is that the curls don’t last as long as when I use a curling iron, especially when it’s humid outside. So in that case I’ll probably need to add some product before and after I’m done curling especially during the summer. So is it worth the money? At full price plus tax (so over 800 CAD), I might lean towards ‘no’ as it depends on your hair type. For those with very thick, curly hair, the Dyson Airwrap may not work as effectively as it did on me and if it does, it might be more time-consuming to achieve the desired look. And at the end of the day it is a lot of money.

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In my personal experience, I do not regret purchasing the product and I am very happy with it! I use it all the time and it has replaced all other hair tools in my bathroom. That being said I would definitely recommend those with a similar hair type as me to purchase the product if they have the means! And for those bargain hunters like me -definitely try and get your hands on this during the VIB Rouge sale to get an additional 20% off!

Written by Liz