As we parsed through the ingredient list on our dog’s shampoo bottle, we came to the realization that the world of personal care products is incredibly opaque - It is difficult to find credible resources online regarding most products (not just for dogs - but for people too). There are hundreds and thousands of options on the market and there are even more targeted ads, product placement, and sponsored social media posts to scour through. How can we know if the product reviews we see online are unbiased and honest? How can we know if the product is truly free from potentially harmful chemicals?

The answer to these questions led to the birth of Midori - a free chrome extension that gives you information about the potential health impact of chemicals found in your everyday personal care products. This is our way to give you easy access to our database of over 6000 chemicals so you can analyze your products but also find better alternatives on your favorite websites. This tool can help you look past the confusing marketing claims so you can protect your health while also protecting your wallet.

Health is one of our core sustainability measures that Midori was founded on and as we grow as a community, we plan to incorporate other benchmarks surrounding the environment, social justice and economic balance. In a world where it is boring, hard and expensive, we believe in making the sustainable choice for every aspect of our life fun, easy and accessible.

Midori is founded by an international team located in Canada, USA, China and The Netherlands. 

If you’re like us and care about what you put on your bodies or want to find out if your products are as ‘clean’ as they appear to be, get in touch!